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Rubber Seals Section

The Beetle door has more seals than you would imagine, in this section you will find all of the main door seals including inner and outer scrapers, quarter seals, furflex channels, handle seals and much more

Main Door Seal
Main Door Seals for both left and right for Bug / Beetle 56-66 & 66 onwards - German and Budget versions
Complete Door Seal Kit
Our Comprehensive Door Seal Kits for Bug / Beetle 66 onwards, this kit contains all of the seals for your Beetle door
Scraper, Inner
Window Seal Door Inner Scraper for Bug / Beetle1952-64, & 1966 Onwards Left & Right
Scraper, Outer
Window Seal Door Outer Scraper for Bug / Beetle1952-64, & 1966 Onwards Left & Right
Window Furflex
Furflex Window Seal and Clips for your wind down windows in your Bug / Beetle
Quarter Light
All seals for the Quarter Light, Left, Right, Main & Upright
Window Lifter
Window Seal for Door Lifter Channel for use with all models of Bug / Beetle
Handle Seals
Door Handle Seals for Bug / Beetle -1959, 1960-66, 1967 & 1968-, Type-3 1968- & K.Ghia 1968-
One Piece Window Seals
All Rubber Scapers & Clips for fitting One Piece Windows including Furflex
Trim Clip Boot
Rubber Boot for Trim Clip used for interior Trim Clip, and exterior -66 Trim Clip
Rubber Door Alignment Wedges
Check Strap Seal
Check Strap Rubber Seal for Bug / Beetle 1956-
Screw Cover
Small Grommet Cover to fit in B-Post to cover door hinge screw
Courtesy Switch Seal
Rubber Courtesy Door Switch Sealfor use on alll models
Hinge Pin Bung
Small Plastic Grommet / Bung to fit in to top of hinge

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