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An extensive range of Gauges, Senders, Mounting panels and cups.
Please note, all of the 52mm Gauges are pictured in a mounting cup, which is not included with the Gauge.
The cups are available separately if required (Part number 755.700.10).

Oil Temperature Gauge
Every Air-cooled vehicle should have one of these, keep an eye on your oil temperature with one of these very popular 52mm VDO gauges, we also stock senders to suit.
Oil Temperature Sender
VDO oil temperature senders, including Sump plug senders, Dispstick senders, and adaptors for use with 1700-2000cc T4 engines.
Oil Pressure Gauge
These incredibly popular VDO gauges are a must if you want to keep an eye on your Oil Pressure. Fit one, along with an Oil Pressure sender to be kept informed.
Oil Pressure Sender
Genuine VDO pressure senders, Single and Twin terminal versions available, to be used with your new Oil Pressure Gauge. Replaces the original oil switch on your engine.
Head Temperature
Popular with customers with a larger engine, these VDO gauges measure the temperature of your cylinder heads, supplied complete with sender wire.
VDO Tachometers, available in 52mm or 80mm, we list both Black and White versions. Can be mounted in a pod, or directly into a custom dashboard.
Ammeters & Voltmeters
Ammeters tell you the state of your charging system, ie charging or discharging. Voltmeters tell you the state of your battery, ie how much voltage it is holding.
Electronic Speedometers
Very tasty VDO electronic speedometers and sender units, in both MPH and KMH versions, for those of you looking to do something different with your dashboard.
Fuel Gauge
If you are totally replacing your original Gauge or building a custom dash, these 52mm Fuel Gauges are a good route to go. Compatable with your original fuel sender.
Gauge Mounting Panels & Cups
We stock an array of Gauge Mounting Panels and Mounting Cups, manufactured by VDO, TIM & Flat-4. There should be one in our range to suit your plans.

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