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Electrics Section

All sorts of goodies for your VW, including Gauges, Horns, Electric Windows, Central Locking, Accessory switches and relays ..

Air Horns, Klaxons and Cheesy Tunes
Always popular, our range of aftermarket horns including classic "ah-ooh-gah" Klaxons, Air Horns, and musical 'River Kwai', 'La Cucaracha', 'La Bamba' and 'Dixie'.
VDO Gauges & Senders
An extensive range of Gauges, Senders, Mounting panels & Cups. Oil Pressure, Temperature, Head Temp, Fuel Gauges, Ammeters, Voltmeters and Speedometers.
For use with modern blade style fuses, these add-on Fuseboxes make the job easy if you are adding additional electrical items into your vehicle,
Stereo Installations, including Speaker Shelves
A range of fitment items, including our very popular Speaker Shelfs, Footwell Speaker Pods, Stereo Gloveboxes, and Aerials to complete your Stereo Installation
Accessory Switches
A selection of Accessory Switches, including Push Button, Starter Buttons, and Battery Kill switches
Accessory Relays & Sockets
If you are adding electrical accessories into your vehicle, it is often a good idea to wire them up through a relay, great for solenoid doors, air horns etc.
Battery Jumpers
Jump start your vehicle without fighting to get to the Battery, hook up your leads directly to these Jumpers! Positive and Negative versions, with Red and Black rubber covers.
Solenoid Door Components
A selection of components to aid in converting your doors or bonnet, to electric solenoid operation

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