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Body & Exterior Trim Section

Door Handles, Hinges and Pins, Door Screws, Check Straps, Window Winder Mechanisms, Lifter Channels. More parts available in the Interior section.

Door Handles, Exterior
Chrome Door Handle for virtually all models years, inlcuding the Locking and Non Locking items as applicable. Plus Black versions for late model.
Window Winder Mechanism
Window Winder mechanisms. Very popular, as they original units are getting pretty tired now .. after 30 plus years of use.
Door Hinge Pins, including Oversize
Replacement Hinge Pins, Standard, Oversize and also Mirror Mount items with a screw thread on the top.
Window Lifter
The lifter pushes onto the bottom of your door glass, along with a rubber seal, to attach the window to the Winder Mechanism.
Door Hinges
Sometimes fitting new Hinge Pins is not enough, so we carry these complete replacement Hinges.
Window Guide Channel
Often missing, this Guide extends down the back of your door .. to help hold your glass in place as you wind it up and down.
Door Screws
We stock standard steel Door Screws, and also super quality Stainless Steel door screws .. and the plastic covers for the A-post.
Quarter Light Catch
New Catches for your Quarter Lights, we carry all model years, including really cool black items for early models.
Door Check Straps
Check Straps & Pins, to stop your doors opening too wide. Original style, plus wire versions for use with one piece windows, often called Cal Stops.
Replacement Door Catches and Strikers
Quarter Light & Fittings

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