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Exhaust and Heating Section

Our full range of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems from a Single Quiet Pack Muffler right up to CSP Competition High Performance Systems.

SSP, Stainless Exhausts
Until now there has been a large gap between the cost of steel performance exhaust systems and Stainless versions. We now have a new range of systems that aim to fill the gap
Vintage Speed
Super quality Stainless Steel sports exhaust systems, made by Vintage Speed
Super quality Standard exhaust systems, made by Wolfsburg West
Python for Bus / Camper, with T1 engine
Designed for Bus / Camper fitment, including split bus, early and late bay. Suitable for any upright T1 engine, 1600cc and upwards.
Python for Split Bus / Camper, with T4 engine
Designed for -67 Split Bus / Camper fitment, for vehicles fitted with T4 engines.
A range of Bugpack exhausts suitable for Bus and Camper
An impressive array of aftermarket exhausts, at a very affordable price. Ideal if you are taking your first steps into aftermarket performance.
UK Made Systems
High quality Bus and Camper systems mane here in the UK
Our range of Headers to suit the above systems, available in Black for 1200cc models, and either Black or Ceramic for 1300-1600cc and larger engines.

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