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Electrics Section

A full range of Regulators, to suit vehicles fitted with Dynamo or Alternator, Internal and External Specification.
  • V-dub Dynamo Regulators have always been prone to damp over time, causing the internals to go wrong, so don't be surprised if this is the cause of your charging problems
  • For Dynamo vehicles, We can offer the new style electronic Bosch item, which has the electronics totally sealed within resin, keeping the damp out for good.
  • Some Alternators were fitted with Internal Regulators, others are External. Originally the External type was fitted until 1974, However many early vehicles have now been fitted with 1975 onward Alternators, so you will need to check to be sure
  • It is very common for garages to install Internal regulator Alternators, which is great .. but still leave the External regulator in the wiring! Your vehicle won't charge properly .. so if you are having problems with a new Alternator installation, make sure you haven't got two regulators in the equation!

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