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We carry a wide range of Pulley Wheels to suit Alternator and Dynamos, plus Pulley Shims, Pulley Nuts & Woodruff Keys. All essential elements for your charging and cooling systems.

Pulley Wheels
Our range of Pulley Wheels, to suit Alternator and Dynamo. Available in standard finishes or chrome. Plus heavy duty versions, for those of you with high RPM motors.
Pulley Nut
These Pulley Nuts are an extremely popular item, the perfect companion to your new pulley wheel. Suitable for both Alternator and Dynamo fitment.
Pulley Shims
Often overlooked, but extremely important. The Pulley Shims between the two halves of your pulley are used to adjust the fan belt, itís a good idea to keep spares on the front just in case.
Woodruff Keys
If you have ever had a problem with a chewed up Pulley Wheel, chances are your Woodruff key has also seen better days. A wise investment, to ensure your fan belt keeps turning.

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