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Body & Exterior Trim Section

The full range of repair panels for your VW Beetle & 1302 /1303 from small weld in sections to complete panels.

Floorpan Half
We now stock three different grades on floorpan halves, to suit your budget, and the quality of item that you need for your project.
Floorpan, Repair Sections
The full range of Chassis / Floorpan Repair panels Including Edge Strips
2 & 3 Point seat runner repair panels
Jacking Points
Floorpan Bolts & Washers
Floorpan Bolts and Washers made specifically to make fitting Chassis to the Body and Floorpan Framehead an easy task
Framehead, Bottom Plate
Framehead Chassis Bottom Panel for Bug / Beetle -65

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