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Replacement Wiper Spindles and securing Nuts, to cure those wobbly wiper problems.
  • Selecting Bus / Camper items is straightforward, Beetle owners have a bit of head scratching to do ..
  • The spec on Bug / Beetles changed many times, so you will need to take a close look at your original items to figure out the replacements needed ..
  • Please note we only list a selection of the items originally produced, some are no longer available
  • Clicking on our pictures will open a bigger version, the pictures are quite clear .. so this will be a big help
  • The first thing to check is the diameter of the main shaft, either 9mm or 12mm
  • Then check whether the end of the shaft (where the wiper arm attaches) is threaded for a Wiper Arm securing nut, or plain for a Grub Screw type fitting
  • Then measure the diameter of the connecting rod pins (on the spindle drop arms), 5mm / 6mm / 7mm?
  • Finally, do you need a Left item, normally has 2 pins, or a Right item (normally has 1 pin)
  • If in doubt, drop us an email :o)

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