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Electrics Section

Any bulb you are likely to need to get your lights fixed, includes 6v and 12v Headlamp, Halogen, Indicator, Sidelight, Dashboard, Interior, Registration plate, and Stop Tail.

Headlight bulbs, to suit 6V and 12V applications for most models. We also list Halogen upgrade items for standard lights, and H4 items for some aftermarket units.
Single filament bayonet style 6V and 12V indicator bulbs, which are used for front indicators and rear lights. Also the ever popular Amber bulbs for use with all of our clear lenses.
Small 6V and 12V single filament sidelight bulbs, bayonet style, as used in all standard headlamps and many aftermarket lights.
Tiny dashboard bulbs, as used in your dash instruments. 6v and 12v versions of the bayonet type, and also 'push in' capless variety as used on later models.
Festoon style interior light bulbs. As per the rest of our range of bulbs, we carry both 6v and 12v versions. Time to get your courtesy light back up and running.
Reg Plate
Make sure your rear registration plate is well illuminated to avoid any trouble with the law, these replacement 6v and 12v bayonet style bulbs will get you sorted out.
Stop & Tail
Dual filament bayonet bulbs, to suit your standard stop and tail light. Also used in virtually all aftermarket rear lights. It's always worth carrying some spares on these.

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