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V-dubs were way ahead of the other marquees, by having Electric Chokes. The concept is very simple, basically just a coiled bi-metallic strip, although they can lead to poor running if not set-up correctly.
  • The choke unit can be adjusted by loosening the 3 clamping screws and twisting the choke unit
  • However, take a closer look and you will see a mark on the circumference of the choke and corresponding markers on the carburettor housing. If you have to adjust the choke 'outside' of these markers, the choke unit is past it's best and should be replaced
  • When the choke is totally cooled down (with the ignition switched off), the stepped plate on the carburettor should spin 'ALL' of the way down, so that the throttle lever screw sits on the top step (or the one below), to hold the throttle open slightly and increase tickover
  • Once fully warmed up, the stepped plate should move upwards, and hence the throttle lever screw should be right down on the bottom step (with a small gap, so that the throttle is not held open at all)
  • This wasn't easy to explain.. I hope it helps somebody ;o)

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