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Electrics Section

Standard and aftermarket Rear lights for Bugs and Beetles .. plus Standard, Red and Smoked lenses. We also carry replacement reflectors for some model years.

Bug / Beetle 50-52
Lenses and mounts for Split Bug rear lights.
Bug / Beetle 52-55
Lenses and mounts for Heart rear lights.
Complete units, lenses and mounts for Snowflake rear lights.
Bug / Beetle 61-67
Complete rear lights, reflectors, and replacement lenses in both standard and red USA specification to suit pre 1967 or '1200 style' lights as they are often referred to.
Bug / Beetle 68-73
We stock complete replacement units, as well standard, and red USA spec rear lenses for 'Tombstone style' rear lights .. which they are often called due their flat-bottom design.
Bug / Beetle 74 on
Affectionately known as 'Elephant foot' lights, as used on all Beetles and Bugs from 1974 onward. We carry complete replacement units, including clear and smoked, plus new lenses.
Bug / Beetle 74 on, Custom
These complete replacement rear lights, which we like to call 'Baby Elephant Foot' will totally change the look of the back of your bug. Available in Flat or Bubble style, and a range of colours.
Universal, Custom
We stock a selection of weird and wonderful custom indicators and tail lights, if you are looking for something a little bit different, Including retro styled Teardrops and Cal look indicators.

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