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Standard and aftermarket Rear lights for Buses and Campers .. plus Standard, Red and Smoked lenses, as well as Deluxe chrome rimed lenses for early models.

Bus / Camper 58-61
We now stock the rear light lenses for your 58-61 Bus or Camper; perfect to replace any cracked or crazed plastic lenses.
Bus / Camper 62-71
If your early rear light lenses are cracked, you are in the right place. We stock replacement lenses, in standard style as well as USA specification all red lenses.
Bus / Camper 72-79
We stock standard complete rear lights for your Bus, as well as replacement lenses. Either way, these will definitely brighten up the back of your bus.
Bus / Camper 62-71, Deluxe
These deluxe style rear light lenses, are complete with an integral chrome edge moulded into the lens. Available in standard Red and Amber, or all red USA specification.
Bus / Camper 72-79, Custom
If you are looking for something a little bit different, our range of custom rear bus lenses may be right up your street, available in Red, Red/Clear and Smoked versions.

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