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This style of Wiper Arm is held in place by a Grub screw to clamp the Arm onto the Wiper Spindle, The grub screw is visible when you lift the arm / blade away from the glass.

Selecting Wiper Blades is easy, the same ones were used from 1965 onwards

Selecting the right Wiper Arms for your vehicle takes a little bit of research though
  • We have found that it is not 100% accurate to order Wiper Arms purely based on the year or CC of the vehicle, Hence we recommend that you check the type of 'fitment' needed, eg Grub Screw / Nut and Plastic Cap / Domed Nut
  • All of our Wiper Arm product descriptions state the type of fitment
  • Please note that Grub Screw style arms are sometimes held in place with a very small screw or hex headed bolt, be careful when tightening the hex headed style, as it is 'very' easy to be too heavy handed with a socket wrench!

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