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Our range of standard OE Style Steel Wheels, and Aftermarket Chrome Steel wheels, to suit 4x130, 5x112 and 5x205 original stud patterns.

5x205 stud pattern
This stud pattern is used on all models, up to 1967, including Bug, Beetle, Bus, Camper, Karmann Ghia and Type-3. The first bay window Bus / Campers, from 1968 to 1970 also used this stud pattern.

4x130 stud pattern
This stud pattern took over from 1968 onwards, and was used on Bug, Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Type-3.

5x112 stud pattern
This is used on all Buses and Campers from 1971 onwards. All Bus / Campers with standard VW disc brakes up front, used the 5x112 pattern, Including Bay Window Bus, Type-25.

BBT Sprintstars
These steel Sprintstars have been stamped out of real steel in a 6-step stamping process. Detail and quality are second to none
Original Style Steel Wheels with Chrome Finish 4 x130 PCD
OE Style Steel Wheels, 5x205
OE Style Steel Wheels, Chrome, 5x205
Original Style Steel Wheels with Chrome Finish 5x205 PCD

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