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Very popular 36hp style Fanshrouds, to suit Single and Twin Port. Available with or without fresh air hose outlets. Plus associated items.

Single Port Fanshrouds
Suitable for Single Port engines. These items are flat on the rear, as single port engines have the Oil Cooler inside the fanshroud.
Cover Plugs / Hose Block Offs
If you are not using your original fresh air / heater outlets on your fanshroud, these cover plugs can be used to block them up.
Twin Port Fanshrouds
Suitable for all Twin Port engines. These items have the duct housing on the rear to accept the the external Doghouse style Oil cooler.
Accelerator Cable Sleeve
Often missing, but vital to smooth operation of the accelerator, we can supply these replacement cable sleeves, that run through the fanshroud.
Thermostat Flaps

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