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Engine Section

Engine Tin / Trays, Rear items for over the exhaust, and the Front items for over the bellhousing, plus the Breastplate under the pulley wheel.

Rear Engine Tin / Tray, Single Carburettor
The tinware that sits at the rear of the engine, above the exhaust / silencer. These items have the cut outs for the inlet manifold, for use with standard / single carburettor.
Rear Engine Tin / Tray, Twin Carburettor
Rear Engine Tin, that sits over the exhaust system. These versions are designed for use with Twin Carburettors, hence no cut outs for the inlet manifold.
Bus & Camper Front and Rear Tinware
Front and rear tinware that is suitable for 1600cc Busses only
The breastplate sits underneath the rear tin / tray, behind the crankshaft pulley wheel. Available in Black or Chrome.
Front Engine Tin / Tray, over Bellhousing
Front Engine Tin, which sits above the gearbox bellhousing behind the fanshroud. Single port and Twin port versions available.

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