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Engine Section

We stock a comprehensive range of Standard and performance Distributors, Caps, Contact Breaker Points, Rotor Arms, Condensors and Clamps .. To keep your Ignition system tip top.

Standard and 009 Distributors
We stock a range of standard style Vacuum advance Distributors, as well as top quality versions of the very popular 009 style centrifugal items.
Flamethrower Distibutor
These high quality Pertronix Billet distributors can be used for both road and race, pre installed with Ignitor I or II electronic ignition, with a highly polished 6061 aluminium body.
Distributor Service Kits
Give your Distributor a much needed Service here! We supply complete kits to service the most vital part of your ignition system, taking out all of the guesswork.
Replacement Condensors for both Vacuum and 009 style distributors, with both square and round plugs. It's a wise idea to carry a spare if you are touring abroad!
Contact Breaker Points
Contact Points, or Breaker points as they are sometimes known changed style many times during VW production. We stock both the Single and Two piece items, to suit most model years.
Distributor Caps
A full range of standard and coloured Distributor Caps, covering virtually all model years. We also carry the much sought after Black Bosch items suitable for 009 and late models.
Rotor Arms
Standard Rotor Arms, often overlooked during an engine service .. But often the cause of poor performance. We stock a range suitable for distributors since the 60s, as well as 009.
Rotor Arms, Governed
Governed Rotor Arms were used as standard in Buses and Campers, a very effective way of protecting your engine from over revving. Just choose the RPM to suit your motor.
Distributor O-Ring
Many an annoying oil leak has been cured with one of these. I wonder how many times that distributor has been fitted and refitted, still on the original o-ring seal.
Distributor Clamps
Often damaged from years of overtightening, could it be time to treat yourself to a new Distributor Clamp? We stock standard, Chrome and heavy duty Billet Aluminium versions.

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