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Air-cooled VW Parts Engine Ignition System

Pertronix Ignitor, Electronic Ignition

Very easy to install, a total fit and forget solution to replace your contact points for good, with a solid-state electronic module which will deliver almost double the voltage to your spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy and plug life.
  • A solid-state electronic system.. "never change points again!"
  • Test results show the Ignitor delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy and plug life
  • Can be used with Standard coil although optimal performance is achieved when combined with our Pertronix Flamethrower-I coil
  • Rotating cobalt magnets, mounted on the distributor shaft, trigger an electronic switching module (Hall effect integrated circuit)
  • .. no points to burn, pit and corrode
  • .. no moving and rubbing parts to wear out
  • Electronics are molded in epoxy, eliminating deterioration from dirt, oil, grease or moisture (better foul weather performance)
  • Fits entirely inside the distributor, no "black box" to clutter your engine compartment. Stable timing.. no need for any adjustments.
  • No complicated wiring makes installations easy

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