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Engine Section

Our range of Standard, Bosch Blue and Pertronix High Performance Ignition coils. Plus a selection of goodies, including Aluminium Coil Mounts and Stainless Steel Covers.

Flamethrower Ignition Coils (Pertronix)
Our most popular range of 12V Ignition Coils, a direct swap for your original item, the Pertronix Flamethrower. These heavy duty monsters kick out serious voltage to your spark plugs.
Ignition Coil Mounts, and Covers
We stock a range of Ignition Coil mounts. Why not dress up your engine bay a little at the same time, with these Stainless Steel covers, Clamps, and Aluminium mounts.
Ignition Coils
Our range of standard style Ignition coils, including Bosch and Beru items.

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