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We only stock best quality Silverline, Mahle, Kolbenschmidt and Sinter Main Bearings, for total peace of mind.

The majority of our bearings are the higher quality Steel Backed versions, the centre main is backed with steel for additional strength and longevity. The product will show Steel Backed in the product name when applicable.

Available in a range of sizes, to suit your crankcase and crankshaft size, taking into account whether the case has been line bored, and whether your crankshaft has had a regrind.
To make selection easy, we have presented the items in a table below, with the sizes shown as -
  • Crankshaft under size (hence the bearing has a smaller ID)
  • Crankcase over size (hence the bearing has a larger OD)
  • Thrust under size
All measurements are in mm.
Standard sizes is 55mm Crank / 65mm Case / 22mm Thrust.
If you are unsure of which size you need, we do sell CSP crank and case measuring tools which make measuring up really easy (part numbers 900.000.10 and 900.000.20).
We always aim to stock the "Std / Std / Std" bearing set in Normal grade, and also the Steel Backed versions.

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