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Body & Exterior Trim Section

An extensive range of Bumpers, plus Bumper Irons, Overriders, Grommets, Bumper Bars, T-Bars etc .. to suit all model years.

Bug / Beetle -67
All you could need .. Blade Bumpers, USA spec items, Standard and OE quality Stainless Steel items, Irons, Overriders, Grommets and bolts.
Bumper Bars
If you are building a resto-looker, these Empi Bumper bars will suit the style perfectly. Supplied complete with fittings.
Bug / Beetle 68-74
Europa Bumpers, Standard style and Carbon Fibre versions, Bumper Irons, Grommets, plus fittings.
Conversion Bumper Irons
These special conversion bumper irons made by CSP of Germany, allow you to fit pre -67 style blade bumpers onto a later 68- car, without mods.
Bug / Beetle 75-
Europa Bumpers for late 75- onward models, plus Carbon Fibre versions, Bumper Irons, Grommets, and fittings.
T-Bars, Black, Chrome and Polished Aluminium, each pair is suitable for front or rear fitment. Thin ones for early cars, fat ones for post 68-

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