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Oil System Section

A huge range of Oil related items including Pushrod Tubes, Oil Fillers, Coolers, Breathers, Hoses, Filters, Strainers, Deep Sumps, Thermostats, Full Flow Adaptors ..

Oil System Bundle Deals
A number of products bundled together at a discounted price. Includes Engine overhaul kits, Service Kits, and VDO Oil gauge kits.
Oil Pumps and Covers
Standard and Heavy Duty Oil Pumps, from Schadek and Melling, plus our range of Oil Pump Covers and pressure relief valves
Oil Change and Sumps
All the parts you a likely to need for an Oil Change, Sump Plates, Strainers, Gaskets and also Deep Sumps to aid in engine cooling and cleaner running.
Oil Coolers
Standard and performance Oil Coolers, Mounting adaptors, External Oil Cooler Kits, Block-offs, Bypass adaptors and Bypass Thermostats.
Oil Filters, and Fittings
External Oil Filters, Including Fram and CSP, plus Filter Heads and associated fittings, to help you set up your Full Flow / Oil Filtration System.
Breather Boxes
Most of the big engine cars you see, will have a breather box fitted to allow relief for crankcase oil pressure.
Oil Filler Necks
Oil Filler necks, including Standard, Polished, Brushed and Anodised items, and combined Oil Filler / Breather boxes.
Dipstick and Fittings
Standard and dress-up Dipsticks, Plus VDO Dipsticks, and Adaptors and Blanking Plates.
Pushrod Tubes
Our range of Standard, Performance, Telescopic and Adjustable Pushrod Tubes and replacement seals.
Hose and Fittings
Oil Hose for use with External Oil Systems / Full Flow / Coolers / Breathers etc, including Stainless Steel over-braided, plus hose clips.
Full Flow, Return Adaptors
These CSP adaptors replace the oil pressure regulator on the bottom of the engine case, allowing for a full flow Oil system without any engine machining.
Morris Engine Oil, 5 Litre
Classic Morris SAE30 engine oil,

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