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Exhaust and Heating Section

Our Bug / Beetle range of Standard and Aftermarket Muffler and Exhaust Systems, Tailpipes, Heat Exchangers and a variety of fittings

Mufflers, Standard
Various Standard Exhaust Mufflers / Silencers for VW Bug / Beetle from 1948-74 & onwards
Aftermarket Systems
Our full range of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems from a Single Quiet Pack Muffler right up to CSP Competition High Performance Systems.
Standard & Aftermarket Chrome and Stainless Steel Exhaust Tailpipes for Bug / Beetle & Karmann Ghia
Fitting Kits
Complete fitting kits for Standard Exhaust Systems or simply just a Stock Tailpipe.
Various Gaskets to help when fitting Exhausts
Studs & Nuts
Various length Exhaust Studs & Slimline Nuts to help when fitting Exhausts
Exhaust Flanges for custom fabrication work
Heat Exchangers & Fittings
Heat Exchangers, Heater Hoses, Levers, Cables and associated fittings
Whether you are looking to remove your Heat Exchanger or get a clean look to your engine, J-Tubes can be the answer.
Fresh Air Hoses & Fittings
Everything you need to connect up your Fresh Air Hoses on your VW Bug / Beetle

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