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Exhaust and Heating Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Exhaust and Heating

Bus / Camper -85, Bay Bus, 1700-2000cc

Suitable for 1700 and 2000cc Bus / Camper, our range of Standard and Aftermarket Muffler and Exhaust Systems, Tailpipes, Heat Exchangers and a variety of fittings

Mufflers, Standard
Standard Exhaust Mufflers / Silencers for VW Bus / Camper from 1972-85 Type-4
Aftermarket Systems
Aftermarket Exhaust Systems and Headers for your Type-3 including Single and Dual Quiet Pack Mufflers.
Various Exhuast Tailpipes for your VW 1700-2000cc, Bus / Camper 1972-86
Fitting Kits
Complete fitting kit for Standard Exhaust System.
Heat Exchangers
Standard replacement Heat Exchangers for your VW Bus / Camper -85 1700-2000cc
Various Gaskets to help when fitting Exhaust
Studs & Nuts
Various length Exhaust Studs & Slimline Nuts to help when fitting Exhausts

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