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Fuel System Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Fuel System

Standard Inlet Manifolds, Boots & Fittings

Standard Inlet Manifolds for both Single and Twin Port Engines, plus Twin Port End Castings, Manifold Boots, Clips and a range of associated Gaskets.

Inlet Manifold, Twin Port
These twin port manifolds are a great way to solve carburettor icing caused by blocked pre-heat pipes. Also required for upgrading from Single to Twin Port.
Inlet Manifold, End Castings
New aluminium End Castings, for Twin Port Inlet Manifolds, supplied as a pair complete with Boots, Clips and Gaskets.
Inlet Manifold, Single Port
If your Inlet Manifold has got blocked pre heat pipes, it leads to carburettor icing and cold weather running becomes difficult. A new manifold will cure the problem.
Inlet Manifold Boots
Cracked manifold boots can be the cause of poor running on Twin Port motors. Try squirting yours with a little WD40, if the revs pick up, it's time to replace them.
A range of Gaskets, including the Carburettor Base Gasket, Inlet Manifold to Cylinder Head, plus both Single and Twin Pre-Heat Riser Gaskets.
Inlet Manifold Boot Clips
Replacement jubilee style clips for your Twin Port Inlet Manifold Boots. We stock them individually, or in a complete set of 4.

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