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Electrics Section

Ignition System components, including Ignition Leads, Coils, Distributors, Caps, Rotor Arms, Condensors, Spark Plugs and of course .. Electronic Ignition modules.

Distributors & Components
We stock a comprehensive range of Standard and performance Distributors, Caps, Contact Breaker Points, Rotor Arms, Condensors and Clamps .. To keep your Ignition system tip top.
Pertronix Ignitor, Electronic Ignition
Incredibly popular, check out the full specs on our range of Pertronix electronic ignition modules, to suit 6v and 12v vehicles. Fit an Ignitor, and never change your points again!
Ignition Coils, Mounts & Covers
Our range of Standard, Bosch Blue and Pertronix High Performance Ignition coils. Plus a selection of goodies, including Aluminium Coil Mounts and Stainless Steel Covers.
Ignition Leads, Separators & Boots
We carry a wide range of standard and high performance Ignition Leads. Including Bosch, Pertronix and Taylor, plus a range of plug lead Separators, Rubber Boots etc
Spark Plugs
Bosch Super Spark plugs to suit virtually all applications. We carry the ever popular W8AC standard fitment, plus W8CC, W7CC, W7DC, W8DC and also NGK DP8 long reach items.

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