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Cables Section

We stock a comprehensive range of cable to suit your Bug / Beetle, 1302 and 1303, including Accelerator, Handbrake, Speedo, Clutch & Heater

Accelerator Cables, and Conduits
A full range of Accelerator Cables, plus the flexible conduit, and metal sleeve to guide the cable from the floorpan and through your fanshroud.
Handbrake Cables, and Fittings
Replacement Handbrake Cables, with are supplied complete with the outer conduit. Plus fittings, including Bow, Bow Nuts and Cable Clamps.
Speedo Cables, and Circlip
Speedo Cables, plus the circlip to hold the cable firm into your grease cap, and the grommet to protect the cable as it passed through the front quarter.
Heater Cables, to Heat Exchangers
The main heater cable, which control the main On/Off flaps on your heat exchangers. One cable splits into two, so you will only need to buy one per car.
Clutch Cables, and Wing Nut
Clutch cables for the full range of model years, plus the all important Wing Nut to adjust your clutch. We would recommend a dab of copper grease on the wing nut.
Heater Cables, to Rear Seat
This Heater Cable is to control the heater flaps underneath the rear seat. One cable splits into two, so you will only need to buy one per car.
Clutch Cable Conduit
Replacement Clutch Conduits, these play an important role in the smooth operation of your clutch pedal.
Cable Shortening Kit
If you are building a kit car or buggy, these cable shortening kits are ideal. Sufficient to shorten you Accelerator, Clutch and both Handbrake Cables.

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