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Electrics Section

Switches for Ignition, Headlights, Indicators, Wipers, Oil Light, Brake Lights. Also includes classic style and funky Aluminium switch knobs to dress up your dashboard.

Indicator Switches
Indicator switches, all column mounted, complete with wiring pigtails. We have included a guide on selecting the correct item.
Wiper Switches
Replacement Wiper switches, we stock both the Dashboard mounted and Steering column mounted versions.
Hazard Switch
At last, we can supply a replacement unit for your faulty Hazard switch! Made by Hella, so you know the quality is good, universal so you can wire it up for any model year.
Headlight Switches
We stock a good selection of both dashboard and floor mounted Headlight switches, standard replacement items.
Ignition Switches, Barrels & Keys
If you are having problems with your Ignition switch, these should get you moving again. Ignition switches to suit most models years, plus Ignition Barrels and Keys.
Oil Pressure Switches
Standard and aftermarket Oil Pressure switches including VDO items. These items all have M10x1.0 tapered thread as per original specification.
Brake Light Switches
We stock both the 2 pin and 3 pin version of brake light switches. If you having trouble locating yours on the vehicle, it's on the side of your master cylinder.
Reverse Light Switch
Standard Reverse light switch, which screws into the Gearbox nosecone. Many models had a blanking plug instead, replace the plug with this switch .. And hey presto!
Door Courtesy Switch
Door Pin Switches, both original and aftermarket style which are used for triggering your interior courtesy light and alarm systems.
Dashboard Switch Knobs, Billet Aluminium
Fancy Billet Aluminium switch knobs, fashioned just like your originals but in Aluminium. Suitable for Lights, Wipers, Ashtray and also Bonnet release cable.
Dashboard Switch Knobs, Classic -67 Style
Original style classic dashboard Switch Knobs for pre 1967 models, available in Ivory, Black and Grey.
Original style classic dashboard Switch Knobs for models 1968 and later, available in Black Plastic.
Threaded Bezels For Your Dashboard

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