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Engine Section

We stock a wide range of engine components, from a new set of Bearings or Gaskets to a full-on performance engine. Check out the myriad of aftermarket ancillaries, from Oil Breathers, Deep Sumps and dress up components to help your engine both perform and look the part!

Engine Bundle Deals
Save yourself money with these popular Machine7 bundle offers, including Tinware Sets, Service Kits, Pulleys, Rockers
Barrels, Pistons & Connecting Rods
Barrels & Piston Kits, Piston Rings, Connecting Rods, Con Rod Bearings, Gudgeon Pin Retainer Clips and Teflon Buttons
Crankcases, and Hardware
Brand new bare engine Crankcases, Crankcase Hardware Kits, Cylinder head studs, Casesavers, plus other associated Case hardware.
Cylinder Heads, and Head Studs
Cylinder Heads, Head Stud Kits, and other items relating to the cylinder heads including Air Deflector plates and Cool Tin.
Crankshaft, Flywheel, Main Bearings
Crankshafts, Flywheels, Main Bearings, and a range of associated components including Gland Nuts and flywheel Oil Seals
Camshafts, Gear, Cam Bearings, Lifters
Standard and Performance Camshafts from Scat and Engle, plus Camshaft Gears, Cam Bearings, Followers / Lifters.
Valves, Rockers & Pushrods
Valvetrain componenets including Valves, Bolt-up Rocker Shafts, Rocker Arms, Pushrods, Adjusting Screws and Nuts.
Gaskets, Seals & Strainers
A comprehensive range of Gaskets & Seals, Engine Gasket Kits, Oil Change Kits, Flywheel Oil Seals, Pushrod Tube Seals and Oil Strainers.
Rocker Covers / Valve Covers
Our full range of standard and aftermarket Rocker / Valve Covers. Stock style, Stainless and Aluminium items, plus Gaskets and Bail clamps.
Ignition System
Ignition System components, including Ignition Leads, Coils, Distributors, Caps, Rotor Arms, Condensors, Spark Plugs and of course .. Electronic Ignition modules.
Tinware, Pulleys & Dress-up
A wide choice of Engine Tinware, Fanshrouds, Head Shrouds etc, plus Pulley Wheels, Dress up components, Coil Mounts, Block Off Plates etc.
Charging System
Everything you need for your charging system .. Alternators, Dynamos, Generators, Regulators, Fan belts, Pulleys Wheels, Nuts, Shims, Pedestals, Covers & Battery fittings.
Fans & Thermostats
Standard and Welded Cooling Fans and Fittings, plus replacement Thermostats to ensure you engine is kept cool
Engine Mounts
Engine Mounts to suit Bus / Camper, for other models see the Clutch and Gearbox section
Porsche / Upright Fan Conversions
Top quality Porsche Fan Conversions to suit Type-1 and Type-4 engines, and in a choice of Epoxy or Carbon Fibre shroud, Top Performance and fantastic looks!
The full range of components suitable for earlier 25 / 30hp engines

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