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Electrics Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Electrics

Fuel Senders, Gauges, Chokes, Cut-Off valves

Electrical items related to the fuel system, including Fuel Tank Senders, Fuel Gauges and Stabilisers, Chokes and caburettor Cut-off valves / solenoids.

Fuel Gauge & Stabiliser
Standard style replacement Fuel Gauge, for inside your speedo. We also stock the Stabiliser, which stops the needle bouncing around all over the place.
Choke Units
Early 6V and standard 12V electric carburettor Choke Units, we have even given you a basic guide on how they should be set-up .. albeit just in words, but we hope it helps.
Fuel Senders
We stock a full range of Fuel Senders, both Electrical and Mechanical types. We even stock the difficult to get 'Cylinder' type as used on early Bus fuel tanks.
Cut-Off Valve / Solenoids
Your fuel Cut-off solenoid is essential to the smooth running of your carburettor. If you think you might have a fault, listen closely, it should click when you switch on the ignition.

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