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Electrics Section

A large range of Headlamps, Rims, Lenses, Reflectors, Rear lights, Indicators, Bulbs and Accessory lights. Standard and custom items.

Headlight, Rims and Reflectors
We carry a wide range of replacement Headlamps, along with new light Rims, Reflectors, Eyebrows and Eyelids, plus various headlamp fittings.
Wiring Repair Kits, for Headlights and Rear lights
These wiring loom repair kits are ideal if your main wiring loom is intact, but the wiring for the headlamps and rear lights have seen better days!
Rear Lights, Lenses and Reflectors
We carry a wide selection of both standard and aftermarket complete rear lights, tail lamp lenses, reflectors and also custom items including Teardrops
Interior and Courtesy Lights
Why is it that VWs seem to come with a broken interior light! Very easily rectified though, you will be so pleased next time your drop your car keys .. and can actuall see.
A comprehensive array of indicators and lenses for most models, including Bullet, Fisheye, Low and High Light, Wing top and Bumper items .. with clear or amber options on most.
Registration Plate Lights
If you are doing something a bit custom with your registration plate, one of these aftermarket reg plate lights might be just what you have been searching for.
Accessory Lights
If you are looking for something different for your dub, these Cal look indicators, Bullet Indicators, Teardrop rear lights may well just fit the bill. Or even a little blue dot.
Bulbs, 6v and 12v
Any bulb you are likely to need to get your lights fixed, includes 6v and 12v Headlamp, Halogen, Indicator, Sidelight, Dashboard, Interior, Registration plate, and Stop Tail.
Bulb Holder, Headlight, Plastic, All Models, (Not H4)

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