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Electrics Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Electrics

Washer Bottles, Wiper Arms, Blades & Spindles

Time to fix up your Washers and Wipers? This section contains Wiper Arms, Blades, Washer Bottles, Electric Bottles, Hoses, Jets and 6v to 12v motor conversions.

Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades and Nuts
If you are looking for windscreen Wiper Arms and Blades, you are in the right place. We carry a full range, plus fittings to suit all models of Air-cooled VW.
Wiper Mechanisms, and repair bushes
These Wiper Mechanism kits will get your windscreen wipers back into top condition, supplied with complete spindles, bushes and grommets. We also list replacement bushes.
Washer Hose and Jets
Replacement windscreen Washer Jets and Genuine OE rubber hose, to revive your windscreen washer system.
Wiper Spindles
We stock a range of replacement windscreen Wiper Spindles and securing Nuts, to cure those wobbly wiper problems once and for all.
Washer Bottles
We stock a good selection of Washer Bottles, as well as Washer Pumps to convert your original system to 12v electric operation.
Wiper Spindle Grommets & Boots
A selection of Wiper Spindle Grommets & Boots, to stop water ingress on your front scuttle. Available for most models.
Wiper Motor Conversion, 6v to 12v
If you are converting your pre 67 model from 6v to 12v, these Wiper Motor conversions are ideal. High quality german made items, featuring variable Wiper speed adjustment.

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