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Fuel System Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Fuel System

Rebuild Kits and Gaskets

Rebuild Kits, to suit both Standard and Performance Carburettors, plus a range of individual Gaskets

Rebuild Kits, for Performance Carburettors
If you've picked up some twin carbs second hand, and they a need a good clean up and rebuild .. these rebuild kits contain all the parts to do the job properly.
Rebuild Kits, for Standard Carburettors
These universal carburettor rebuild kits are ideal if you are having problems with your original carburettor, a good strip down, clean-up, and rebuild.
Gaskets, Standard Carburettor to Manifold
Caburettor base gaskets, to suit standard carburettors for both Single Port and Twin port engines.
Gaskets, Manifold to Cylinder Head
A range of Manifold Base Gaskets, for between the Inlet Manifolds and Cylinder Heads.
Gaskets, Performance Carburettor to Manifold
A range of Base Gaskets for Performance Carburettors .. for between your Carburettors and the Inlet Manifold.

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