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Suspension & Steering Section
Air-cooled VW Parts

Suspension & Steering

We stock a massive range of both standard and aftermarket Suspension and Steering components. This section contains parts for all models, Bug, Beetle, Bus, Camper, Karmann Ghia and Type-3.

Suspension & Steering Bundle Deals
A range of bundle offers, containing Suspension and Steering components. Including Shock Absorber kits, Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Narrowed Beam Kits and more
Shock Absorbers, Front and Rear
Standard and Adjustable Shocks, normal length or lowered versions, to suit the whole range of V-Dub models
Axle Beam and Components
Standard, Lowered and Narrowed Axles, plus Torsion Arms, Leaves, Axle Adjusters, Seals, Beam Bolts, Grub Screws, Bump Stops.
Spindles & Fittings
Standard Spindles, Dropped Spindles, and associated fittings including Camber Nuts, Spindle Nuts, Thrust Washers, Locking Tabs etc
Steering Components
Track Rods, Tie Rods, Tie Rod Ends, Drag Links, Steering Boxes, Steering Racks, Columns, Couplings, Dampers and various other steering components
Balljoints, Kingpins, Linkpins
Balljoints, Kingpins and Linkpin kits to suit all models
Wheel Bearings, Grease Caps, Hub Seals etc
Wheel Bearings, Grease Caps, Hub Seals, Spindle Nuts, Thrust Washers, Locking Tabs & Hub Nuts .. the complete range for both Front and Rear
Spring Plate Caps and Donuts
A full range of rear Spring Plate Caps, Standard, Chrome and Heavy Duty Aluminium .. plus the associated Urethanes and Donuts, for all models.
Spring Plates, Adjustable
Adjustable rear spring plates to fine tune the rear ride height, suitable for Swing Axle and IRS suspension on Beetles / Bug / Karmann Ghias.
Rear Suspension Bushes
Rear Suspension Bushes, Including Bump Stops and IRS Bushes.
Torsion Bars
Standard rear torsion bars, suitable for all Swing Axle Beetles & Ghias, to replace tired and sagging originals items.
Anti Roll Bars, Front
Standard and Heavy Duty Anti Roll Bars to improve road holding, plus a range of original style and aftermarket Mounting Straps, Bushes etc
Rear Anti Roll Bars & Camber Compensators
Camber Compensators for Swing Axle Vehicles, and Rear Anti Roll Bars for IRS Beetle / Bug / 1302 and 1303. Designed to improve handling and stability.
IRS Conversions, Bug / Beetle
If you are planning on converting a Swing Axle Beetle or Karmann Ghia to IRS, these weld-in Adaptor Plates are required for mounting the rear A-Arms.
McPherson Strut & Components
A range of components specifically for models with McPherson Struts, including Performance Struts, Top Mounts, Lowering Springs, Bush Kits, Eccentric Bolts

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