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Fuel System Section

Spacers, Choke Units, Solenoids & Cut-Off Valves and Return Springs for Standard Carburettors, plus Choke Block off plates for Weber IDF carburettors.

Choke Unit
Replacement Choke Units, for standard Carburettors. We stock both early 6V and later 12V items. Adjustable as per your workshop manual.
Cut-Off Valve / Solenoids
Your fuel Cut-off Valve / solenoid is essential to the smooth running of your carburettor. If you think you have a fault, listen closely, it should click when you switch on the ignition.
Return Spring
Return springs, as used on the majority of carburettors. Often missing, weak or broken, but essential to smooth acceleration and deceleration.
Choke, Block-Off Plates
If you are using Webers from another vehicle, they probably came with choke units on the side. These need to be removed, and blocked-off for VW applications.
Accelerator Cable Clamp
Replacement Accelerator Cable Clamp.
Carburettor base plate Spacers

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