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Fuel System Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Fuel System

Fuel Pumps, Hoses & Filters

Mechanical and Electric Fuel Pumps, Filters, Pedestals, Pushrods, Hoses, Connectors, Pressure Regulators and a selection of fuel fittings.

Fuel Pump, Mechanical
Standard replacement Fuel Pumps. Dynamo versions used a 108mm pushrod, whereas later vehicles fitted with an Alternator used a 100mm Pushrod.
Fuel Pump, Electric
If you are installing Twin Carburettors, your standard Mechanical pump won't be up the job. We stock a range of Electric pumps that have a higher output to suit.
Fuel Filters
Standard Fuel Filters. Fuel Filters should be replaced periodically, to ensure a good fuel flow, and prevention of debris from the tank.
Fuel Pressure Regulator
We recommend the use of a fuel Pressure Regulator whenever Electric Fuel Pumps are used, so that you can adjust the pressure of the fuel supply.
Fuel Hose
High specification J30 R9 Fuel Hose, as well as Vacuum / Breather Hose
Cut-out Relay, for Electric Pumps
Designed to cut power to the fuel pump if the engine stops but the ignition is still switched on .. eg, in the event of an accident. Hence cuts the fuel flow.
Fuel Hose Clips
Fuel hose clips, to suit 5mm and 7mm bore hose, available in both Screw style and Crimp style .. whichever is your personal preference.
Fuel Pump Block Off Plates
If you are fitting an electric fuel pump, you will need to block-off the original fuel pump hole on your crankcase. We stock a range of different styles.
Fuel Pump Pedestals
Replacement bakerlite pedestals that sit underneath your standard fuel pump. Suitable for both Dynamo and Alternator style fuel pumps.
Fuel T-Piece
Fuel hose T-Pieces, to split your hose 3 ways for Twin carburettors installations. Available in Brass and Plastic versions, in both 5mm and 7mm.
Fuel Pump Pushrods
Standard replacement Fuel Pump Pushrods, available in 108mm to suit Dynamo style pumps, and 100mm for Alternator style pumps.
Pump and Regulator Connectors
These barbed hose fittings, have the correct thread, for use with our Facet fuel pumps, and also our Fuel Regulators.

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