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Fuel System Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Fuel System

Fuel Tanks, Caps and Senders

Everything related to the Fuel Tank, including Standard and Custom Tanks, Outlet Elbows, Fuel Senders, Filler Necks, Fuel Caps and associated fittings.

Fuel Tank, Standard
Standard replacement Fuel Tanks, as well as large capacity versions. Available to suit most years, for Bug, Beetle, 1302 / 03 and Karmann Ghia.
Fuel Tank, Spun Aluminium
A range of brushed Spun Aluminium style fuel tanks, for custom installations. Various sizes, and a choice of centre filler neck, or end filler neck.
Fuel Tank, Gasket & Clamps
A range of standard fuel tank fittings and Seals, including Fuel Tank Clamps, the Seal to the body, and Fuel Sender seals.
Outlet Elbow
Replace that rusty and kinked fuel tank outlet elbow with one of these brand new ones. We even stock large bore items for performance applications.
Fuel Sender
Standard replacement Fuel Senders to suit most models and years. We even stock the difficult to get Cylinder type used on pre 1967 Bus / Camper.
Filler Neck, Hose and Seals
Fed up of that petrol smell in your car? The Fuel Filler Neck and associated sealing rings are the normal cause, so these items should solve the problem for you.
Fuel Cap, Non Locking
Original style fuel caps, non locking. We stock both the Bayonet style, and external Screw style fitment as used on later models.
Fuel Cap, Locking
Always very popular, our range of locking fuel caps, in both Bayonet and external Screw style fitments for later models.
Universal Aftermarket Fuel Tap

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