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Fuel System Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Fuel System

Performance Inlet Manifolds

Performance Inlet Manifolds for Weber Progressive, IDF, DRLA, HPMX and DCNFs, Plus Manifold Nuts, Insulation Flanges, Block Off-Plates and Gaskets.

Weber 32/36, for T1 Engine
We stock both the complete manifold kits for Weber Progressive 32/36 carburettors, as well as replacement pre heat pipes.
Inlet Manifold Nuts
Slimline manifold nuts make the job of fitting up your manifolds super easy .. due to the extra clearance agains the manifolds. Can also be used on exhausts.
Weber IDF / DRLA / HPMX, for T1 Engine
We stock univeral style manifolds, as well as bore matched manifolds to suit 40, 44 and 48mm IDFs which give a much better flow compared to universal items.
Gaskets, Carburettor to Manifold
A range of Carburettor Base Gaskets .. for between your Carburettors and the Inlet Manifold.
Weber IDF / DRLA / HPMX, for T4 Engine
Universal manifolds, and a range of bore matched short items which are required for installations where height restrictions are an issue, ie Buses and Campers.
Gaskets, Manifold to Cylinder Head
A range of Manifold Base Gaskets, for between the Inlet Manifolds and Cylinder Heads. We recommend the use of Fibre gaskets for Performance applications.
Heat Insulation Flanges
These Heat Insulation flanges sit between the Inlet Manifold and Carburettor, to stop heat transfer from the cylinder heads. For IDF / DRLA / HPMX.
Weber DCNF, for T1 Engine
Gene Berg Inlet Manifolds, for Type-1 engines, to suit Weber DCNF carburettors.
Heat Riser Block-off Plates
A range of Steel and Stainless Steel plates, to block-off the heat riser outlets on your exhaust system.

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