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Air-cooled VW Parts Oil System

Halso Engine Oil, 1 Litre

Halso have developed a range of multi-grade oils specifically for VW air cooled engines, whether you are running a standard engine, modified or a performance motor, there is a specific oil to suit your engine.

What makes Halso oil different to other modern oils?

High levels of Zinc - it's the all important factor.
Other modern multigrade oils have a reduced amount of Zinc in them, as it can cause problems with Catalytic converters.
Our VWs don't have Catalytic converters, so it would make sense to keep a high amount of Zinc in the oil - it's beneficial in protecting the life of the engine - simple as that.

Choose the version to suit your engine -


Suitable for the majority of customers. Use this oil for engines that still use the standard style oil strainer.

For use with engines that have been modified to use an external cartridge style oil filter, such as 'Fram'

For a high capacity Stroker motor, such as a 2275cc engine

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