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Clutch & Gearbox Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Clutch & Gearbox

Clutch Kits, and Components

From a Clutch Kit to a bolt or cable, we have a very comprehensive range. Including Kits, Friction Plates, Release Bearings, Guide Sleeves, Cables, Conduits.

Clutch Kits, 1200-1600cc
Complete clutch kits, for all models with 1200cc to 1600cc engines. Contains Cover plate, Friction plate, and Release Bearing. All our kits are OE quality LUK or Sachs.
Clutch Kits, 1700-2000cc
Complete Clutch kits, for Bus / Campers / Type-4 1700-2000cc. Containing Cover plate, Friction plate, and Release bearing. All kits are OE quality LUK or Sachs.
Clutch Retaining Bolts
Replacement bolts that used to hold the main clutch cover plate to your flywheel. These bolts are the correct high grade and length, to ensure perfect fitment.
Clutch Friction Plate
Replacement Standard clutch Friction Plates, all sizes 180mm to 215mm. For assistance in selecting the right size for your engine, our main Clutch Kit section should help.
Clutch Release Bearing
Early and late style Clutch Release Bearings, or Thrust Bearings as they are sometimes called. Plus replacement clips, Standard and Heavy Duty for early bearings.
Bearing Guide Sleeve, and Conversions
Later gearboxes used a Release Bearing which moved on a central 'Guide Sleeve'. We can supply standard guide sleeves, and also conversion items for early gearboxes.
Input Shaft Seal
When changing a clutch it's very common to find gearbox oil inside the bellhousing. Changing the Input Shaft Seal makes sense while the gearbox is out.
Clutch Operating Shaft / Release Fork
Standard Clutch Operating Shafts, sometimes referred to as Release Forks or Drop Arms. We stock items suitable for both early and late style release bearings.
Clutch Cable Wing Nut
Has your wing nut seized up on your clutch cable? When you fit one of these replacements, use a little dab of copper grease to allow for easy future adjustment.
Clutch Cables
Our range of standard replacement clutch cables. Please note that clutch cables are supplied bare. We also supply outer conduits, as well as new wing nuts.
Clutch Cable Conduit
These Conduits play an important role in smooth operation of the clutch, they need to 'kink' just the right amount when installed .. your workshop manual will give you the full low down.
Clutch Return Spring
These clutch return springs are fitted to the side of the gearbox on the end of the operating shaft. If you have a problem with your pedal feeling rough, this could be the cause.
Performance Pressure Plates
Kennedy Performance Pressure Plates

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