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Everything you need for your charging system .. Alternators, Dynamos, Generators, Regulators, Fan belts, Pulleys Wheels, Nuts, Shims, Pedestals, Covers & Battery fittings.

Dynamos and Alternators
Our comprehensive selection of Generators, Dynamos, Alternators, the very popular Machine7 Alternator Conversion Kits, plus replacement dynamo brushes.
The regulator plays a vital role in charging, it controls the current flow to your battery. We have the full range of Internal and External items, for Alternator, Dynamos and Generators.
Fan Belts
Gone are the days of using a pair of nylons to fix your charging system, it's much simpler to keep a spare fan belt. We stock belts for Alternators and Dynamos, plus adjustment shims.
Pulley Wheels
We carry a wide range of Pulley Wheels to suit Alternator and Dynamos, plus Pulley Shims, Pulley Nuts & Woodruff Keys. All essential elements for your charging and cooling systems.
Backing Plates
Replacement backing plates, for behind your Alternator or Dynamo. We carry chrome and black versions in stock, plus a 3 piece set as supplied in our Alternator Conversion kits
We stock these Pedestals in both Chrome or plain Aluminium versions, they can be used with either Alternator or Dynamo. These are the same stands as used in our Alternator kits.
Generator Straps
Replacement Dynamo and Alternator Straps available in standard cadmium plated, Chrome and Stainless Steel versions. Essential to keep your generator strapped in tight.
Dynamo Cover
Always extremely popular, a simple dress up item to make your original Dynamo stand out nice and proud. Polished stainless steel, and held in place with your fancy new Generator Strap.
Battery Fittings
We carry a range of standard Battery Clamps, Cables and Earth Straps to keep your battery in order, as well as accessory Battery Kill Switches.
Split / Dual Charging Relays
If you are planning on running a standard battery, and an additional leisure battery, this relay will take care of the charging
We carry a wide range of both 12 volt and 6 volt batteries that can be opicked up directly from our shop

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