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Clutch & Gearbox Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Clutch & Gearbox

Gearbox Mounts, Straps, Cradles

We carry a wide range of Standard and Heavy Duty Gearbox Mounts. Plus Gearbox Straps, Solid Mounts, Cradles, Intermediate mounts, Traction, and Torque bars.

Front Gearbox Mounts
Standard front Gearbox mounts, we try to stock the best quality mounts we can find, some of which are OE heavy duty.
Urethane Gearbox Mounts
Stronger than standard reproduction mounts, these urethane items are suitable for all -72 Bug / Beetle, as well as -67 Bus / Camper / Type-3
Rear Gearbox Mounts
Standard Rear Gearbox mounts, we try to stock the best quality mounts we can find, some of which are OE heavy duty.
Rhino Gearbox Mounts
Our strongest Gearbox mounts, these Rhino mounts from CB performance have a 'caged' support up front, and heavy duty urethane moulded around steel supports.
Gearbox Cradle, Standard
Standard replacement rear geabox cradle, used on Bug / Beetle up to -72, and Bus / Camper / type-3 -67
Adaptive Gearbox Mounts
The front gearbox mounts, are designed for fitting late boxes into early vehicles. Available for Bug / Beetle, Bus / Camper. They are a of a solid mount design.
Intermediate Gearbox Mounts
Bolt-in and Weld-in intermediate gearbox mounts which bolt to the nosecone and brace it to the chassis frame forks. Reduces gearbox twist and nose lift.
Gearbox Cradle & Straps
Strap and Cradle kits, Heavy Duty design to hold your gearbox securely. Available as front only, rear only, or a comprehensive kits. Designed to be used with early mounts.
Torque Bars
Developed for the German Käfer-Cup racing series, and often used by drag racers, this adjustable three piece kit reinforces the engine and transmission mount.
Solid Gearbox Mounts
Solid Gearbox mounting kits including a Heavy Duty rear cradle. We supply the basic kit, or a belt and braces version which includes straps to hold the box down.
Traction Bar
Very simple yet effective. These Traction bars hang from the rear bumper mounts, and attach to the crankcase under the oil pump. Reduces wheel hop, during hard launches.

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