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Oil System Section

Standard and Heavy Duty Oil Pumps, from Schadek and Melling, plus our range of Oil Pump Covers and pressure relief valves

Oil Pumps, Standard
Standard Oil Pumps, available for early 3 Bolt / Rivet and later 4 Rivet engines (this refers to the number of rivets on the camshaft gear wheel).
Oil Pumps, Schadek
Heavy duty Schadek Oil Pumps, for performance engine builds, 30mm gears for high oil flow, aluminium construction as per standard pumps.
Oil Pump, Maxi Pump 3.
Full flow oil pump with cover plate, no machining required
Oil Pumps, Melling
Heavy duty Melling Oil Pumps, for performance engine builds, 32mm gears for high oil flow, cast iron construction. Supplied with a plain cover plate.
Oil Pump Cover, Billet
New generation of Billet Oil Pump Covers, precision machined, manufactured by CSP of Germany. Superior internal design for high oil flow.
Oil Pump Gaskets
Inner and Outer Oil Pump Gaskets
Oil Pressure Relief Valves
Heavy duty oil pressure relief valves for both single and twin port engines

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