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Clutch & Gearbox Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Clutch & Gearbox

Rear Wheel Bearings, Hub Nuts & Seals

Rear Wheel Bearings for Swing Axle and IRS models, plus rear 36mm and 46mm Hub Nuts, Rear Hub seal kits, and a selection of tools to help on the job.

Rear Wheel Bearings, Bug / Beetle / Ghia
Rear Wheel Bearings, to suit both Swing Axle and IRS, as fitted all Bugs / Beetles / Karmann Ghias
Rear Hub Nuts
New rear hub nuts for all models, 36mm and 46mm items. If you have been having trouble getting your old ones off, you will be glad to find these replacement items.
Rear Wheel Bearings, Bus / Camper -67
Rear Wheel bearings to suit Split Screen pre -67 buses, that still have the original Reduction Boxes.
Split Pin, for rear Hub Nuts
Not a lot I can tell you about these .. it's simply a split pin for the rear castle nuts. Oh, I know what to mention, make sure you torque you rear hub nuts correctly! Very important.
Rear Wheel Bearings, Bus / Camper 68-
Rear Wheel bearings to suit all Bay Window and Type-25 models.
Hub Nut Tools
If you are planning on changing your rear bearings .. some of these tools will make the job easier, including 36mm and 46mm Sockets, Nut Smackers and the Torque Master.
Rear Wheel Bearings, Type-3
Rear Wheel Bearings, for Type-3, to suit both early Swing Axle pre -67 models, and IRS 68- models.
Rear Hub Seals
Individual seals, as well as complete Hub Seal kits, a good idea to change these if you are changing your rear bearings, or removing the rear bearing carrier.

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