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Wheels & Fittings Section
Air-cooled VW Parts

Wheels & Fittings

Alloy Wheels
Check out our range of Alloy Wheels to suit the whole range of V-Dub and Porsche stud patterns, Including Fuchs, BRMs, Sprintstars, Empi 5s and 8s etc
Steel Wheels
Our range of standard and aftermarket Steel Wheels, to suit 4x130, 5x112 and 5x205 original stud patterns.
Wheel Spacers
A comprehensive array of Wheel Spacers, for 4x100, 4x130, 5x100, 5x112, 5x130 and 5x205 fitments
Wheel Adaptors
Fancy different wheels on your V-dub? We can supply a huge range of Billet wheel adaptors to help you bolt-up those fancy wheels.
Bolts, Studs & Nuts, Standard
The standard range of Wheel bolts and Nuts as used on original steel wheels on air-cooled models
Bolts, Studs & Nuts
A very extensive range of Wheel bolts, Nuts, Studs and Locks for steel and alloy wheel fitment. You will need to have your 'head in gear' to work through these!
Hub Caps
Our range of plain and aftermarket Hub Caps, to suit your standard style steel wheels
Centre Caps
Centre Caps to suit Empi Wheels, Fuchs, BRMs, Radar, Sprintstar and more
Valve Caps
Dress up your wheels with some fancy anodised valve caps, way nicer than the boring plastic ones!
Knock-offs / Spinners
Knock-offs / Spinners, 2 Ear and 3 Ear, to embellish your Empi Wheels
Stainless Steel Clip On Beauty Rings

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