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Suspension & Steering Section
Air-cooled VW Parts Suspension & Steering

Wheel Bearings, Grease Caps, Hub Seals etc

Wheel Bearings, Grease Caps, Hub Seals, Spindle Nuts, Thrust Washers, Locking Tabs & Hub Nuts .. the complete range for both Front and Rear

Front Wheel Bearings
A very comprehensive range of Wheel Bearings to suit all models. We can supply separate items, as well as the more popular complete kits.
Front Hub Seals
Standard replacement front hub seals, to suit Bug, Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Bus, Camper.
Grease Caps
Grease caps for all models. We stock the correct Left and Right item, the left item having the square hole for the Speedo Cable.
Thrust Washers
Replacement thrust washers, that sit next to the outer front wheel bearing. Should be replaced periodically when changing your wheel bearings.
Spindle Nuts
Spindle nuts, to suit early and late models. Unlike the rear hub nuts, the front items have a Left hand and Right hand thread.
Spindle Nut Locking Tabs
Early pre 65 models use two nuts on each spindle, these locking tabs go between the nuts, and are then bent over to stop the nut from loosening off.
Rear Wheel Bearings
Rear Wheel bearings, to suit Swing Axle and IRS rear suspensions. We list items for all VW Aircooled models.
Rear Hub Seals
Rear Hub Seals, as used on IRS models and underneath the bearing caps on Swing Axle models, plus Swing Axle Hub Seal kits with gaskets and split pins.
Rear Hub Nuts
Rear Hub nuts, or Castle Nuts, often get damaged during removal so we carry a complete range to suit all model years.
Split Pins
New Split Pins, to go with your new rear Hub Nuts.
Axle spacers and components as found on Swing Axle & IRS models to ensure the hub tightens correctly to the axle.

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