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Oil System Section

Oil Filler necks, including Standard, Polished, Brushed and Anodised items, and combined Oil Filler / Breather boxes.

Aluminium Oil Filler, with Screw-On Cap
Very popular replacement for the standard oil filler neck assembly, available in Polished or a choice of Anodised Red or Blue finishes. Supplied with screw-on cap.
Oil Filler neck, Standard style
Standard style Oil Filler necks, available in Cadmium plated and Chrome plated versions. We stock version with / without the drainage tube.
Oil Filler Caps, Standard Style
Replacement Oil Filler Caps, Standard style, in Cadmium or Chrome plated.
Oil Filler Tower / Breather Box
Perfect for high performance engines, or any engine suffering from oil loss due to crankcase pressure. A range of combined Filler / Breathers, from CSP and CB.

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