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Oil System Section

All the parts you a likely to need for an Oil Change, Sump Plates, Strainers, Gaskets and also Deep Sumps to aid in engine cooling and cleaner running.

Oil Strainers
Every couple of oil changes, we recommend changing your oil strainer. We stock them with the correct bore size to suit different model years.
Oil Change Kits / Sump Gaskets
If you are planning an oil change, an oil change kit will be required. Often referrered to as sump gaskets or strainer gaskets.
Sump Plates
Replacement Oil Sumps. These items are all late specification items, which have the threaded hole for a sump plug. Makes oil changes so much easier.
Sump Plates, Billet
Ok, they look really fancy .. But they perform better than standard items too. Billet plates cannot warp like standard items can from overtightening, helps prevent oil leaks.
Sump Plugs
Nomral and Magnetic Sump Plugs, compatable with steel sump plates, as well as Billet aluminium items. The Magnetic version collect metal debris in your oil, prolonging engine life.
Sump Studs & Nuts
How many times have you overtightened your sump nuts, a very common problem!
Deep Sumps
It's a bit of a misnoma that our engines are called air-cooled, as the oil plays a vital role in keeping the engine cool. The more you have, the cooler the engine will run.
Sump Plates, for Deep Sumps
Some deep sumps have one-off sump plates, maybe we have yours in stock?

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