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Suspension & Steering Section

Standard, Lowered and Narrowed Axles, plus Torsion Arms, Leaves, Axle Adjusters, Seals, Beam Bolts, Grub Screws, Bump Stops.

Standard Axle Beams, Bug / Beetle / Ghia
Replacement Axle Beams, these standard height items are a straight replacement for your original item. Available for LHD and RHD vehicles.
Adjustable Axle Beams, Bug / Beetle / Ghia
Pre-fitted with Axle Adjusters, these adjustable height beams are a great way to lower your vehicle.
Narrowed Axle Beams, Bug / Beetle / Ghia
Narrowed is definitely the desired look! These beams are narrowed 2inches to get your wheels tucked under, and also pre-fitted with a axle adjusters.
Axle Adjusters, Castor Shims, Long Bolts
We stock a complete range of lowering components, including Puma and Sway Style adjusters .. plus Anti-Bump Steer Kits, Castor shims and Camber Nuts.
Torsion Arms, Bearings, Seals and Grub Screws
All the items associated to and including Torsion Arms, Needle roller bearings, Urethane Bushes / Bearings, Torsion End Seals, Grub Screws and Nuts
Standard Torsion Leaves
After 30 plus years of use, most Torsion Leaves are a little on the saggy side. Our range of replacement torsion leaves will give you Dub some spring back.
Narrowed Torsion Leaves
Compatable with our Narrowed Beams, these springs are manufactured 2inches narrower than standard. Much easier than cutting and redrilling your originals.
Axle Beam Bolts
Replacement Axle Beam Bolts & Washers, including long items for use with castor shims.
Grease Nipples
Don't forget that you will need to fit grease nipples to your new axle. We can supply sizes to fit both new and original beams.
Body Mount
If you are swapping out your front beam, don't forget to check the condition of the rubber body mounts on the top of your beam.
Bump Stops
Our range of front Bump Stops, which attach to the ends of the front axle. Standard Rubber and Urethae items, plus locking clips.
Axle Brace Bars
These bars are often used on Race and Off-Road cars, as well as hard street cars to beef up the front axle rigidity and avoid flexing of the beam.
Aftermarket Custom Front Axle / Beam End Plates

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